Founding Story of Joiiin

The story of Joiiin starts way back. Like, waaaaaaaaay back in my childhood. (My name is Dustin btw).Growing up, I had big plans for my future. I just wasn’t sure how to get started on that path.

So I didn’t…

And rather than spend my time alone, or make friends who shared my interests, I did a bunch of stupid stuff to ‘fit in’ with people I thought were cool. Unfortunately, most of the things weren’t positive, nor did they help me get what I really wanted.

At a young age, I experimented with drugs to fit in. Experimentation led to recreational use which spiralled into addiction. In 2008, a lifetime of bad decisions finally caught up with me and I checked myself into rehab.

I thought going to rehab would solve my drug problem and once I left, my life would be the same – minus the drugs. But slowly, I started to see things differently.

I didn’t have a problem with drugs.
I had a problem with life.
Drugs were my escape.

Leaving rehab, I had no idea what to do with my life. I’d spent my entire life partying and didn’t know what it meant to live without drugs. 99% of my relationships were built around partying, so without that, I didn’t have much in common with my friends.

I figured a fresh start would help, so I packed up my stuff and moved to Vancouver to live with my older sister.

The transition was tough. 

As an introvert, I’ve always struggled to meet new people. Where does someone go to meet new people, explore new hobbies, or build a new chapter in your life? I had no idea. And honestly… I wasn’t up for searching. Hitting rock-bottom destroyed my self-confidence.

Initially, my days were spent reminiscing on social media and exploring the forests of North Vancouver.

Somewhere in that time, I found something I’d never experienced before.

Inner peace?

Ok, that’s a stretch… But there was something profound about spending time in nature. The only problem? I still felt alone.

With help from my sister I started to explore new hobbies, made some friends and began working with a couple practitioners who offered to help me, for free.

I was beginning to see a different side of the world, a kinder, more compassionate world. These new people and experiences opened up a side of me I’d kept buried for years, a more authentic version of me.

Eventually, I found a job in sales and quickly became top salesperson in the region. I continued rebuilding my life and self-confidence until the opportunity to follow through on a childhood dream presented itself. I started my first real business.

During this time, I realized something else, the more I pushed towards an authentic version of myself, the more success I experienced. Not just in business, but other areas of life.

I was having a blast building this business while living the lifestyle of an online entrepreneur, traveling, new experiences and lots of learning. During that time, Brant, an old friend, reached out for some advice.

Fresh out of school and in a new city, he was dealing with his own transition. He felt alone, didn’t fit in, and was looking for some positive people to hang out with. I knew exactly what he was going through and our talk started with a simple question.

“Why can’t we connect in the real world as easily as we do on social media?”

We couldn’t figure out why, with a million ways to stay in touch, you can still feel disconnected. It didn’t make sense. We searched for a good solution, but couldn’t find anything.

We decided to build it.

The solution is Joiiin

Joiiin is the platform that takes you online just to get you offline. We’re on a mission to help the world have more fun by connecting you to unforgettable experiences with like-minded people, in-person.

Our goal is to help create moments worth capturing, worth sharing, and worth talking about when you’re old and wrinkly.

Moments that make life worth living.

– Dustin